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Crystal L Moon Translations

Total amount of pages scanlated: 18

This page was created for sharing my small translations from Japanese which I was making for my main project, Crystal Tokyo. This is a Russian-languaged fansite made by Ukrainian fan.

Since there aren't many JP translators and I just couldn't wait to read some stuff and share it with Ru-speaking community, I've been translating stuff myself. Then I just decided to share it with the rest of world,as well.

Please note

- English is not my native language. And never will be. XD Feel free to report errors.

- My knowledge of Japanese is really weak. I make the translations with the help of lots of vocabularies and online translators, such as Jisho.org. I try to never think up the things and it I don't know what is the meaning of a single phrase, I usually drop the whole translation.
Why translating while not knowing the language? Because people like doing a sneak peek at stuff. It's just, well, sharing what I have read myself! I don't pretend my translations are accurate. Please retranslate them if you know how to do it better. I'd be glad to read the correct version and have some learning.

- Don't translate my stuff from English to Russian, since the translations are already there: Crystal Tokyo. Я знаю, все любят делать сканлейты с английского, а не с оригинала. Я тоже ^^ но не стоит утруждаться и создавать клоны переводов, одного варианта вполне достаточно.
For any other language, you're free to retranslate, but remember that my translations may not be so accurate AND I'll appreciate some sort of linking back or at least writing a small note to me (not obligatory, but I'll be glad to know).

- I don't accept requests, sorry. I can't work fast with JP manga. My other projects and life (I have some of it, lol) keep me busy.

- My main love is Sailor Moon doujinshi and my translations will be keen on it.

- I also have a small collection of raws and links to raws (links here). If you can read JP and are willing to help, feel free to mail me.

Mail is here.

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25.09.13 - Visit Articles page to get a fresh view on everything interesting from La Reconquista! Easter eggs, fun moments, possible headcanon influence and new facts about Sailor Moon world.
26.08.13 - see my article about La Reconquista: Live event on Animelo and listen to both new songs online!
1.08.13 - 4koma from Hello World doujinshi "Mia". 01.03.13 - Doujinshi circles section opened with an article for Kiddy Land circle.
Total amount of pages scanlated: 18
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